To Stupid Malaysians; Yours sincerely Anwar Ibrahim (2)

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Yuktes Vijay – Previously I had raised a simple question on the validity of Anwar’s claims on his official Twitter account as to the victory of Pakatan Rakyat. My notion is that he lied and deceived Malaysians. But some still questioned my intentions and asked me to provide evidence.

Look here. This is not sodomy style expose. The only evidence I am armed with is logic which I somehow hope you guys will comprehend and realise what a fraud that dude Anwar is.

I will use Sabah as an example today.

There were 25 parliamentary or federal seats contested in Sabah. Barisan Nasional had secured 22 Parliamentary seats in Sabah. Guess how many seats did PKR contest in Sabah? PKR contested a total of 18 seats on the behalf of Pakatan Rakyat and won a whooping 1 Parliamentary seat.

Ok, how did this happen? Blackout? Banglas? Bullshiiit! Come I show you my naive friends, the real reason why Pakatan lost in the General Elections.

Take a look at the links below. In chronological order.

Article published on the 5th of April 2013 :

Article published on the 12th of April 2013 :

Article published on the 26th of April 2013 :


Please spare some time and have a look at those links. It might not be as interesting as Anwar’s ceramahs but this are facts, concrete facts! Might bore you all but will never sway you from the truth itself.

If you have read the links above you would realise that Anwar and Azmin basically screwed things up for PKR and Pakatan Rakyat by not adhering to local leaders like Ansari Abdullah.

Who is Ansari Abdullah? Well I am minimising the usage of my words here as some may think I am saying things to merely incite hatred against Anwar. SO, have a look at what Anwar has to say about Ansari Abdullah.

(link : )

This tweet by Anwar was done way back in 2010. As usual, one thing Anwar does consistently is to piss people of especially those who were willing to give their lifes for him. Hence the fiasco that transpired during GE 13.

See, Ansari was with Anwar during Reformasi days itself. And he was the Anwar’s main man in Sabah, going by him being selected as the by election candidate in Batu Sapi. So what happened?

Simple. Anwar convinced Lajjim and Bamburing to join PKR, thinking it will create an exodus. But, it backfired. It compromised Ansari’s role. Hence the dispute.

So Banglas made Pakatan lose in Sabah? The facts above clearly shows that Anwar did those Blackout rallies to hide his flaws and incapability to lead. A classic strategy to hide ones own shortcomings.

The joke in this is Anwar and his (censor) (censor) (censor) party called PKR were the most vocal ones in asking PM to have elections claiming that he has no mandate. Damn stupid right. Firstly mandate is given to the BN coalition. not the person leading it and secondly, their loose coalition itself has so many issue to thrash out yet can daringly challenge PM to call for elections. If anything, Pakatan should thank PM for dragging the election date to the wire for if election was announced a year earlier, I think we would had seen a bloody war in Pakatan.

See how they play politics. Dirty c**(Censor…pfffttt)……

Do you know now why Pakatan lost? It is not because of fraud but because of their alliance with PKR and their choice of PM. Anwar is an incapable leader, as verified above. He can’t even solve a single state party issue. How can you trust him to lead the country?

Did Anwar tell you this in his Blackout rallies?



Because it takes a MAN to own up to his short comings and well, Anwar …man…don’t really sync in the same line

This is point number 2 on how Anwar conned the world about GE13. More to follow.



3 thoughts on “To Stupid Malaysians; Yours sincerely Anwar Ibrahim (2)

    sman said:
    July 25, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Nasihat utk Anwar,

    Anwar oiii budak-budak dah cerdik skng,pencen je leee lagi baik sebelum di bogelkan dek budak-budak macam Yuktes ni,hang pun dah tua renta,malu je nanti.

    cucutokleman said:
    July 27, 2013 at 1:13 am

    Wow Yuktes… the way you look at Anwar I guest you must be very angry with him. How I wish at that time you give him one big blow to his stupid face.

    melihat gelagat said:
    July 27, 2013 at 2:33 am

    Yuktes mempunyai maklumat yang sangat banyak mengenai Anwar. Yuktes sudah buat banyak kenyataan tetapi Anwar tak berani cabar di mahkamah. Kalau Utusan Malaysia buat kenyataan Anwar akan saman. Mengapa Yuktes sekaligus dengan bukti tak disaman. Tentu ada sesuatu yang Anwar tak berani saman kerana Anwar tahu cerita Yuktes adalah benar. Anwar adalah contoh pemimpin bila didedahkan perkara yang benar dia diam. Harap isu yang ditimbulkan mati sendiri. Dimana integriti sebagai pemimpin. Nalakurapan bangkitkan isu seks dia tak berani saman. Datuk Eskay bangkitkan isu video dengan china doll tak berani saman. Ummi Hafilda bangkitkan skandal juga tak saman. Dengan Dato Hamzah Zainudin kerana mengurat isterinya selesai di luar perbicaraan. Dan banyak lagi kalau nak sebut di sini. Integriti Anwar sebagai pemimpin tercalar teruk. Sebab itu PRU 13 rakyat tak memilih Pakatan rakyat kerana Anwar tak layak jadi PM.

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